Dive Boats with Diverse Borneo has the best and most comfortable options whilst in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Kota Kinabalu which safely bring you around TARP at cruising speed when scuba diving in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. You can recognize our scuba diving boats by looking at their colours – painted yellow on the roof and yellow stripe in the body.

Our dive boats were designed by our PADI Course Director and owner Mark Hedger, who grew up water skiing on his family speed boats and sailing around the Mediterranean Sea as a youngster.

Mark has dived professionally for over 15 years diving from many dive boats around the world, whilst keeping in mind the sea conditions, the local authorities and money, Mark was able to work closely with local boat builders to let our scuba diving customers dive the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in comfort and style.

Whilst always planning for bigger and more boats to add to our current fleet we still maintain a record of no boating accidents. Below are some information of the diving boats you will be diving from. You think our boats are bad? We have the best diving boats in Kota Kinabalu.


Our latest dive boat in Kota Kinabalu is a catamaran dive boat named ‘Mother Tanker’ (JN6336/2/P) just like in the picture above. No it does not mean what you’re thinking but it is the mother ship of our current fleet of dive boats where the other dive boats come to meet between dives if not resting at the islands.

The Mother Tanker is powered by twin Yamaha 250 horse power 4 stroke engines which makes every diver have an enjoyable ride. Mother Tanker is equipped with built in GPS, depth finder, Marine Radio, toilet, sink, tap, shower, changing room, sun bathing deck, diving board, full set medic first aid kit, emergency oxygen, flares and is captained by our full time staff who are qualified in Medic First Aid.

The Mother Tanker allows for easy transition into the waters with back roll and giant stride entries and has three ladders on board for exiting. By far the best diving boat Kota Kinabalu has seen and the only good looking yellow coloured boat around.

Dive Boats Kota Kinabalu


The second dive boat owned by Diverse Borneo was our 35ft long boat named ‘Bubbles’ ( JN5788/2/P) no not after Michael Jackson’s pet monkey but after the owner’s favourite football team ‘West Ham United’. Bubbles was made in Tawau and sent overland to Kota Kinabalu in 2011 where she first hit the waters and still cruises the waters of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park finding the Whale Sharks and hidden dive sites in Kota Kinabalu. Bubbles is powered by twin Yamaha 150 horsepower 4 stroke engines allowing a cozy 14 divers aboard equipped with GPS, depth finder, radio, full set medic first aid kit, flares, emergency oxygen and is captained by our full time staff who are fully qualified in Medic First Aid.

Dive Boats Kota Kinabalu


Small Boat (JN5773/2/P) is the first dive boat Diverse Borneo owned and she got a transformation in 2009. Formally a tourist transfer boat transporting people from island to island, Diverse Borneo was able to transform her into our first diving boat which has been diving the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park since 2009. Our very first diving customers would remember this boat as our first piece of furniture and she has seen more whale sharks than all of us.

Small boat is powered by a single Yamaha 4 stroke 150 horse power engine which can accommodate eight divers or a group of snorkelers equipped with radio, GPS, full set medic first aid kit, flares, emergency oxygen and is captained by our full time staff who are qualified in Medic First Aid.

If you want to ride one of our boats, contact us and book for a scuba diving trip today!

Dive Boats Kota Kinabalu