Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort is the jack-up rig dive platform and it’s the only one in the world, fantastic place for scuba diving and boosts the best dive site at Mabul Island which is unlimited diving for in-house guests.. This resort is built purely for divers.

Below is the rate for Diving and Non Diving Package at Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort valid for traveling period from 1st April 2018 until 31st December 2018 only.

Rates quoted are based on per person.

Sipadan Dive Package Sabah


Diving Package (for certified divers only)

  • 3 NIGHTS – RM3,175 per person.
  • 4 NIGHTS – RM3,936 per person.
  • 5 NIGHTS – RM4,697 per person.

Non Diving Package

  • 3 NIGHTS – RM2,547 per person.
  • 4 NIGHTS – RM3,153 per person.
  • 5 NIGHTS – RM3,760 per person.

For the Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort package all single travelers will be subjected to room sharing with another traveler unless a request is made for a non-sharing/own room in which will be charged based on Single Supplement Rate.

SIPADAN DIVING IS GUARANTEED with 3 Nights minimum stay in a TWIN ROOM.


Diving Package (for certified divers only)

  • 2 NIGHTS – RM1,655 per person
  • 3 NIGHTS – RM2,480 per person
  • 4 NIGHTS – RM3,308 per person
  • 5 NIGHTS – RM4,134 per person

Non Diving Package

  • 2 NIGHTS – RM1,323 per person
  • 3 NIGHTS – RM1,985 per person
  • 4 NIGHTS – RM2,646 per person
  • 5 NIGHTS – RM3,308 per person

Sipadan diving service for dorm stay is only available for purchase at the rig and is subject to availability.


  • Scheduled boat return transfer (Semporna Jetty – Seaventures – Semporna Jetty) on CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT DAYS ONLY [based on the resort’s schedule transfers]
  • Resort Accommodation.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Free flow of drinking water, coffee or tea.
  • Desserts & snacks.
  • Boat dives to Mabul / Kapalai / Sipadan – for diving package only, unlimited house reef diving during the day (buddy system)
  • Air Tanks
  • Weight belt
  • Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort


  • All dive in Seaventures House Reef will be free of charge diving with a buddy without a guide – for diving package only.
  • Night dive is only for certified night diver or diver with night dive experience – for diving package only.
  • Request for divemaster to guide you during your unlimited house reef dive / night dive will be RM80 per dive with Dive Master– for diving package only.
  • Boat transfer REQUIRES minimum 2 person and above. Single Supplement will be charged RM300 per way for the BOAT transfer.
  • Land transfer REQUIRES minimum 2 person and above. Single Supplement will be charged RM75 per way for the LAND transfer.
  • Land transfer from Tawau Airport / Town to Semporna is only applicable if you check-in at the resort on the same day you arrive.
  • Please note that the transfers (boat & land) are based on Seat in Coach (SIC).
  • This is the term used for sharing in transfer or tour, therefore guests that are in SIC basis will be sharing vehicle and have other tourist with them on the tour.
  • There are maybe multiple pickups & drop-offs throughout the journey. Do expect some short waiting time.


  • Alcoholic / carbonated / fruit juice beverage.
  • Scuba Equipment Rental (RM100 per person per day)
  • Sipadan Permit (RM40 per person per day)
  • Personal expenses
  • Anything not stated in the package includes.
  • Strictly no outside Food & Drinks allowed in the Resort.
Diving Bumphead Parrotfish Sipadan


  • BCD – RM25.00
  • Regulator with gauge – RM25.00
  • Wetsuit SHORTIE 3mm – RM25
  • Mask & Snorkel – RM10
  • Fins – RM15
  • Dive Computer (limited unit) – RM50
  • Underwater Camera (limited unit) – RM180
  • Underwater Torch with battery – RM30
  • Equipment rental is based on per person per day.
  • Underwater Torch is based on per person per dive.
Dive Sipadan Diverse Borneo


  • All confirmed rooms will be ready for check-in after 1400hrs on day of arrival.
  • Check-out time is no later than 1000 hrs (10am) for 1100hrs (11am) transfer and 1200hrs (12:00noon) for the 1400hrs (2pm) transfer on the day of departure. The boat must leave on time, please ensure all bills have been settled and rooms cleared in advance.
  • Please note that all the departure destinations must be confirmed by check-in date. If not confirmed by check-in date, you will be transferred to Semporna only.
  • Check out land transfers will be to only one destination of either Tawau Airport or Tawau Town where the your transfer options will end with Seaventures.
Sipadan Diving Seaventures Dive Resort


From Semporna to Seaventures Dive Rig

  • 10:00AM
  • 12:30PM (requires minimum 2 person) – Single Person Transfer will be charged RM300 per way for scheduled boat transfer in case no other guest is on the same schedule.
  • 4:30PM (requires minimum 2 person) – Single Person Transfer will be charged RM300 per way for scheduled boat transfer in case no other guest is on the same schedule.

From Seaventures Dive Rig to Semporna

  • 11:00AM (requires minimum 2 person). Single Person Transfer will be charged RM300 per way for scheduled boat transfer in case no other guest is on the same schedule.
  • 2:00PM
  • No single supplement surcharge for these boat transfer times.
  • Tawau town / Tawau Airport to Semporna town is 1 hour & 15 minutes drive.
  • Boat transfer is 45 to 50 minutes.


Here is a sample itinerary of a typical trip to Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort package. This is for general information only. The specifics of your trip may vary depending on changes in transportation schedules or weather conditions.

Seaventures will strive to honour all scheduled dives. However, due to any reason whatsoever beyond our control, all dives are subject to take place at the discretion of the Dive Manager.

Recommended flights if you would like to check-in to Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort on your arrival day via 10:00AM boat transfer

Air Asia = AK6122 (0740AM 0810AM) – Kota Kinabalu / Tawau.
Malaysia Airlines = MH2121 (0720AM or 0805AM) – Kota Kinabalu / Tawau.

Day 1 (Check In)

  • Meet and greet by Seaventures Dive Resort’s representative at their office in Semporna Town at 9AM.
  • Proceed to Mabul Island by boat around 10:00AM approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour journey depending on the sea or weather condition.
  • Expected to arrive at the resort at 11:00AM and proceed for briefing, registration and check-in.
  • Lunch will be served at noontime.
  • There will be 2 dives on your first day arrival and one of the dive will be an Orientation Dive with the resort’s Divemaster (only subject to 1st & 2nd Schedule Arrival).
  • For those arrive on the 3rd Schedule Arrival will not be able to do any diving on the arrival day. They will do 3 boat dives on the 2nd day, one of which the boat dive is the ORIENTATION DIVE.

Day 2 Until Day 4

  • 3 boat dives daily between Mabul, Kapalai OR Sipadan.
  • OPTIONAL DIVES: Unlimited Free house reef dive + night dive for Advanced Level Diver or those who has night dive experience only. [Unguided]
  • Please note Seaventures Dive Resort diving policy : Strictly NO fly policy within 24 hours after the last dive.

Day 5

  • If you are not flying out on this day, you will be given maximum 2 dives to Mabul or Kapalai [only possible if you are following the 2:00PM boat OUT from the rig back to Semporna]
  • Proposed flight times are for reference purposes only and are not updated in real-time.
  • Please check with the respective airline(s) and their flight schedules for up to date information and booking details.


Good experience all around with Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort!

We were a group of 9 divers that spent about a week at Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort.

Airport + boat transfers for arrival and departure days went without a hitch.

Room, twin sharing: Was something that I expected. It’s a refurbished oil rig so don’t expect too much. Room and toilet were clean upon arrival. The water from the toilet (sink & shower) is salty but for me… It was fine and bearable.

The Rig: Had an amazing sun deck with incredible view! A great place to just relax after a day do diving. A games room is also available. Food was.. To me, excellent! Afternoon tea/coffee/Milo was always available.

Diving: we were fortunate to dive Sipadan twice during our stay. The rest of the days were spent diving around Mabul and Kapalai. Dive Masters and boat crew were friendly and helpful! Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort allows divers unlimited diving for their house reef.

All in all, a good experience for me!

– Rayer O, his original review as published at Trip Advisor website.

Unique lodging, amazing staff and incredible diving!

We just finished a visit of 4D/3N to Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort. We are a married couple in our 30s from NYC. Overall, WOW!! This place is unforgettable!

First, a shout-out to a few of the divemasters. Mitch trained my wife for her PADI Advanced OW certification and she is a much more confident and skilled diver now thanks to his talents, passion and attention. On our dives to Sipadan, all we had to do was mention to Mitch what we wanted to see and he would point it out for us! Ales was a cool guy and very experienced diver with a talent for finding photogenic scenes on the reef. Suki gave us a tour of the house reef under the rig, and did a great job coaching my wife through shaking off some rustiness and jitters.

They highly recommend being at least an advanced OW diver to visit Sipadan, and I agree with that. My wife ended up doing her certification, which was not initially planned, but definitely a good choice. The currents can be a little strong and sometimes the good sea life can get down around 30 m around Sipadan, 2 good reasons for the extra training.

The food is good to excellent, highlights were the fresh grilled fish at most meals, especially the grouper, morning egg station and the chicken curry. Burger night was a weak point. 24/7 milo (Malaysian chocolate milk), coffee, tea and desserts was great.

The accommodations are pretty much what we expected. The saltwater sink/shower was a bit of a shock, but it got the job done, although we brushed our teeth with bottled water. The bed was comfy. The sun deck is awesome, with beautiful views and nice chairs and hammocks. There is a game room which is well stocked although we never went in and didn’t see anyone else in there either, the rig is really all about diving, eating, socializing and sleeping, in that order. The main deck is huge, well organized and well planned for eating, socializing and gearing up for a dive.

We only had 3 days of diving due to our flight schedule, so didn’t get to dive Kapalai or Mabul because we got Sipadan permits 2 days in a row. We felt so lucky and took many of the other divers advice not to regret missing the other 2 islands.

We did get to dive the house reef a few times, and it is very impressive and awesome that you get unlimited diving at the house reef with your stay. We even did a night dive with some strong currents with Mitch. The house reef has a great assortment of nudibranches and a resident Moray eel that must be over 2 m long!

A few highlights from Sipadan: numerous hawksbill turtles and green turtles, multiple octopus, bumphead schools, mackerel schools, white tip reef sharks. This place has it all in unrelenting abundance. It was almost gratuitous, and may have ruined diving in the Caribbean for us. We checked the SE Asia fish chart afterward and had seen just about every animal on the chart!!!

A word on safety. We had some reservations about safety given some recent ‘issues’ with abductions etc in the region. We felt very safe at Seaventures. There are Marine patrol boats stationed within view, overnight heavily armed police guards and an army base on Sipdan. An unexpected benefit of the rig is that it is basically a fortress, 10 m off the water and accessible only by elevator. Also the airport transfer staff are very friendly and efficient, so you won’t be standing around the Tawau airport, something we were worried about.

Overall, it is not a luxury resort and it is not the cheapest, but this is a truly magical and unforgettable place. If you enjoy diving, Sipadan is among the best in the world and Sipadan Seaventures Dive Resort is definitely the best way to experience it.

– Eric F, New York City, New York. Stayed May 2016, travelled as a couple.

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