Turtle Island & Kinabatangan packages in Borneo is something really special and if your traveling to Borneo then this is a must on your itinerary. If you miss this it’s like going to New York and not seeing the Statue of Liberty or going to Australia and not seeing a Kangaroo. Turtle Island & Kinabatangan is very special as for decades famous wildlife presenters such as Sir David Attenborough has visited these areas contributing towards the conservation to preserve the wildlife which is on our doorstep.

During the Turtle Island & Kinabatangan packages we have several packages to suit everyone’s needs and we can even tailor make you a private trip if need be.

We have two options for visiting Turtle Islands which is the famous Selingan Island or the nearby Libaran Island. Selingan Island is more famous as daily it has nesting turtles on its beaches, whereas Libaran cannot always guarantee nesting turtles but only recently it has released it’s 30,000 turtle successfully to the sea’s of Borneo.

The Orangutan Sanctuary can be a single day trip to being combined with multiple day trips. The Orangutan Sanctuary was founded in 1964 to help baby orangutans that were separated from their mothers due to several factors including illegal hunting, logging, plantations and even some families that has kept them as pets. The Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary helps the orphaned orangutans rehabilitate back to the wild where trained rangers help with the upbringing which lasts for about seven years.

Kinabatangan River is famous for its long winding ‘U’ shaped bends covering 560KM making it the second longest river in Malaysia. Kinabatangan is also famous for its stunning wildlife including the wild Orangutan’s, Pgymy Elephants, Proboscis Monkey, Hornbill birds, Flying Fox, Clouded Leopard, Saltwater Crocodiles, and then its famous limestone caves at Gomantong.

Do check out below our very best Turtle Island & Kinabatangan packages available right now.

1/2 day trip
Orangutan Sanctuary and Sandakan Memorial Park with lunch
Must See!
Orang Utan Sanctuary Day Trip

Orangutan Sanctuary Day Trip to visit the Sepilok orangutans is an amazing experience as Julia Roberts did with the documentary ‘In The Wild’. During the Orangutan Sanctuary day trip you will get to visit one of the biggest attractions of Borneo. Now this isn’t a place where you can handle Orangutans, this is a well monitored protected area which trained rangers look after the well being of offspring orangutans that were left behind or injured. There are two feeding times at Sepilok orangutan sanctuary of 10am and 3pm of which you will get to visit the 10am slot. During the feeding times you will get the chance to see other primates of Borneo.

After a trip to the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary you will visit the war memorial site of the Australian and British soldiers that were marched from Sandakan to Kundusan during the 1940’s world war. About 2400 perished during these marches under the handling of Japanese Imperial Army. READ MORE: Orangutan Sanctuary Day Trip.

1 Full Day Trip
Orangutans, Sun Bears, Proboscis Monkey, Puh Jih Sih Temple with lunch and dinner
Great Day Out!
Sandakan Nature Experience

Sandakan Day Trip is a full day being picked up either from the airport or at your hotel before visiting many attractions that Sandakan has to offer. Sandakan is world famous for its Orangutan Sepilok Sanctuary which is one of the must things to visit whilst here in Borneo. You will also get to visit the Sun Bear Conservation Centre as well as a trip Labuk bay to see the Proboscis Monkey. You can also visit the Puh Jih Sih Buddhist Temple and if time permits the famous Sim Sim Water Village which is floating water houses.

In this action packed Sandakan day trip you will encounter lots of wildlife so be prepared and have your fingers ready on your cameras. READ MORE: Sandakan Day Trip – Full Day.

2 Days 1 Night
Orangutans, Sun Bears, 2 River Cruises
Sandakan in a Nut Shell!
Sun bear conservation centre at Sandakan

Sandakan Nature Experience is a two days one night trip in the Kinabatangan River private lodge. The Sandakan Nature Experience starts off with trips to both Orangutan Sanctuary and the Sun Bear Conservation centre. Once in the Kinabatangan, you will cruise along the river meeting and photographing lots of different wildlife whilst also taking a evening hike to see the nocturnal wildlife that the Sandakan Nature Experience has to offer. READ MORE: Sandakan Nature Experience 2D1N.

Starting from RM477.00
3 Days 2 Nights
4 River cruises, 2 Jungle walks, accommodation and meals inclusive
Wildlife on a Budget!
Kinabatangan River Tour Sandakan

Kinabatangan Tour Sandakan is a great way to explore the diverse life of the Borneo rain forest. Kinabatangan river is the second longest river in Malaysia with a length of 560KM. During the Kinabatangan tour Sandakan you will visit our river lodge for two nights staying in a dorm room exploring the river by boat and foot, it is here where you’ll see remarkable wildlife such as the Pygmy Elephant, Orangutans, Probocsis monkey, Clouded leopard, and it is home to over 200 species of birds and eight species of the hornbill. Also Kinabatangan is famous for the Gomantong caves which is swarmed with bats and edible bird nest as well as the Oxbow lakes.

If you are in Borneo, then the Kinabatangan Tour Sandakan is one of the most affordable trips you can conquer to see most of the wildlife that Borneo has to offer. READ MORE: Kinabatangan Tour Sandakan 3D2N.

3 Days 2 Nights
Orangutans, Sun Bears, 4 River Cruises & Gomantong Cave
Sandakan at it’s Best!
Wildlife at Borneo

Sandakan Wildlife Safari tour package is set in the Kinabatangan River staying at the Kinabatangan River Lodge for two nights. Before the Sandakan Wildlife Safari tour package begins there will be a visit to the Orangutan Rehabilitation Sanctuary and the Sun Bear Conservation Centre. After visiting here you will then proceed on with the Sandakan Wildlife Safari to the Kinabatangan River to stay for two nights in the private room river lodge where you will get to cruise along the Kinabatangan river to find the various wildlife on offer. During the Sandakan Wildlife Safari you will have the chance to see the pygmy elephants, orangutans, proboscis monkey, hornbills and much more. READ MORE: Sandakan Wildlife Safari Tour Package 3D2N.

2 Days 1 Night
Turtle sightings, releasing, conservation, accommodation and meals inclusive
Turtle Island on a Budget!
Sea Turtle Island at Sandakan Sabah Borneo

Libaran Turtle Island is around 40minutes boat ride from Sandakan itself. Libaran has been around for donkey years but it is not the main Turtle Island. Libaran Turtle Island as informed by the rangers has turtles nesting almost daily so you have a real high chance to see the turtles nesting in the evening. Borneo and Libaran Turtle Island is home to four species of turtles, namely the Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Olive ridleys and the Leatherback turtle.

During this two day one night trip to Libaran Turtle Island you will get to experience the releasing of the turtles into the sea in the afternoon and at evening see the turtles depositing it eggs. You will stay in a dorm type camp. This trip is great for travelers on a budget. READ MORE: Libaran Turtle Island – 2D1N.

2 Days 1 Night
Turtle Island, Orangutans & Sandakan War Memorial Park
Sandakan on a Time Limit!
Orangutan Sandakan Wildlife

Selingan Turtle Island & Orangutan Sanctuary package tour is great way to see both the turtles and orangutans. Whilst in Borneo, this package is one of the star highlights and you wont be disappointed. Selingan Turtle island is the main turtle island in Borneo and here you will stay in a private room enjoying snorkeling around the crystal waters over the beautiful coral reefs. During the Selingan Turtle Island & Orangutan Sanctuary package tour you will have the chance to see turtles nesting at night time and the chance to see them being released into the wild before sunset. READ MORE: Selingan Turtle Island & Orangutan Sanctuary – 2D1N.

3 Days 2 Nights
Turtle Island, Orangutans, Sun Bears, 2 River Cruises & Gomantong Cave
Ultimate Sandakan Package!
Kinabatangan River Cruise

Selingan Turtle Island Orangutan River Cruise 3d2n package tour provides the best of Sandakan in just three days. You get the chance to stay overnight on Selingan Turtle Island and watch the turtles nesting whilst also experiencing turtle hatchling being released. Selingan Turtle Island provides simple and basic private room accommodation and the rangers are very knowledgeable about their research they have been compiling over the last 30 plus years.

The Orangutan Sanctuary is where you get the chance to see baby orangutan’s being introduced back to the wild. The research unit here helps orphan orangutans become independent so that they can be released back into the wild of which the second night you will have the chance to see the orangutan’s in the wild as you will spend one night on the Kinabatangan river in a private room enjoying two river cruises and a trip to Gomantong caves and hopefully a herd of the pygmy elephants to end this MUST DO Selingan Turtle Island Orangutan River Cruise 3d2n package tour. READ MORE: Selingan Turtle Island Orangutan River Cruise – 3D2N.


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